We are Charis and James, photographers. We both have different artistic talents that compliment each other wich makes us a good team. While using a variety of lenses and shooting from various perspectives we capture the beauty.  We work together to get different viewpoints simultaneously. Lichtwaas's work is artistic, journalistic, and modern timeless. 

We met at a party, our shared obsession with photography makes us work together. We are constantly inspired by what we feel in all the beautiful corners of the world. 

Charis is a fulltime photographer who spent many years apprenticing with her cameras before she began photographing for other people. She has taken her photography to unexpected artistic levels, her style is often emulated, but what sets her apart is her authenticity, her integrity to never budge from the truth, from what’s real, from who she is, and what she believes in. She absolute treasures the stories of her clients. It’s always so much more than just a photograph, it’s her ability to make you fall in love with yourself, through her eyes, and through her lens.

James became fascinated with photography from an early age while looking at the prints his father made, and began photographing while studying photography in college. When he's not photographing, he works at PIXMIX, a post-production company as color grader, it is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture or video image. 'Getting it right in camera is one of the most important steps to achieving a great photograph, but color grading is what can really take your work to entirely new level.' He's a pro in color grading. 

For more information contact us. We look forward to getting to know you!